The picture above is the village of Urbès (Vosges, France) in the early morning, seen from the paragliding landing area when the first sunlight passes over the Col de Bussang, announcing a potential good day for flying.

The view above was taken during the ascent of the Gran Paradiso in the early morning on 15th August 2005. It represents a lenticularis cloud above the Mont Blanc, which lights up under the first rays of the rising sun. Lenticularis clouds are the result of high speed winds at high altitude which are deformed by the relief and temperature differences.

View from the Trehkopf (Vosges, France) on a beautiful autumn morning when the valley was covered by a thick blanket of clouds.

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This year I will finally attend an SIV course. Any paragliding pilot should regularly attend such a course to improve piloting skills, be better prepared for unexpected incidents and increase safety. Report will follow by the end of June.

End of June I will again leave for a diving trip to Hyères (France). Of all visited Mediterranean diving spots, this is still my favorite. Wreckdiving and scenic diving are the best to be found over there!

20.01.2006 »

I passed my theoretical exam for CMAS Nitrox instructor. Still 3 modules to complete before obtaining this license. Working on it...

28.08.2005 »

Paid by a voucher received from my employer for employee loyalty and the 5th anniversary of the company, I subscribed to a TDI Entry Level Trimix course in the south of France. 5 days from 08h00-17h00, I continuously spent my time on theoretical and practical aspects of trimix diving up to depths of maximum 60m. Preparing the mixes for my instructor and myself, I also obtained my TDI advanced gas blender license.


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